The Ultimate Cake Decorating Bundle

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Need a little help with fondant cakes?

Struggling to get your edges smooth?

With the Ultimate Cake Decorating Bundle, you'll be able to take your cake decorating skills to a whole new level. This bundle includes over 20 online classes that will teach you how to sculpt cakes, work with fondant and chocolate, and create beautiful sugar art. With this learning resource at your fingertips, you'll be able to create stunning cakes for any occasion. So why wait? Get the Ultimate Cake Decorating Bundle today!

Get ALL of the Academy classes in ONE bundle, right at your fingertips. This bundle comes complete with:

  1. A Recipe e-book
  2. 3D Sonic Cake Tutorial
  3. Airbrushing Cake Techniques
  4. Anti-gravity Octopus Cake Tutorial
  5. Applying Fondant and Stacking Cakes Tutorial
  6. Baking and Buttercream Tutorial
  7. Boombox Square Cake Tutorial
  8. Cake Sails Class
  9. Candle Cake Class
  10. Cheeseburger Cake Class
  11. Concrete Buttercream Cake Class
  12. How to Get Sharp Edges with Buttercream Class
  13. Designer Box Cake Square Cakes Tutorial
  14. How I Price My Cakes Class
  15. Picnic Basket Realistic Fruits Class
  16. Square Buttercream Cake Class
  17. The Frank Cake Tutorial
  18. Ugly Sweater Texture Pictorial
  19. How to Decorate a Fake Cake Tutorial
  20. BONUS: How to Start a Baking Business Class